45th Class Reunion Survey

Hello Classmates!

We are starting to plan the 45th class reunion of our 1976 graduating class, and we would like to get a little feedback from you as to what the reunion should look like.

Please take a few minutes to answer the questions below.

The reunion committee will discuss the survey results, and make their best effort to please everyone!





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1)   * The reunion is currently scheduled to be held in Youngstown on Sunday, Sept. 5, 2021. Do you plan on attending the reunion?

Yes No
2)   * Several people (ok, that's a lie, only ONE person asked about it) asked if the reunion could be held as a formal dinner, like a prom, with tuxedos and formal attire. Would you want this reunion to formal or casual?

  Casual (shorts, sundresses, Hawaiian Shirts, etc..)
  Formal (tuxedos, formal dresses, etc)
  At least a suit and tie for guys, evening dresses for the ladies

The last couple of reunions had the following attire....for the guys: shorts, casual shirts, casual shoes, and for the ladies: sun dresses, pant suits, casual attire.

Maybe it is time we all shaved, showered, and dressed up for the big event.
3)   * We are considering having a daily breakfast at a local restaurant each morning from Sunday, August 29 through Friday September 3, from 9AM-10:30AM. Would you be interested in attending this breakfast?

  Yes, I plan on attending all breakfast events
  Yes, I plan on one or two of the breakfast events
  No, I don't plan on coming to any breakfast events

The Landmark (7424 Market St, Youngstown, OH 44512) might be a good place to hold this breakfast.
4)   * Under discussion is having a nightly event prior to the reunion, from Sunday, August 29 through Friday, September 3. Suggestions have been: a dinner at a local restaurant, bowling at a nearby bowling center, meeting at a committee member's house to raid their liquor cabinets and fridge, or some other events that I can't think of right now. Would you be interested in attending an evening event?

  Yes, I would attend one evening only
  Yes, I would attend on multiple evenings
  No, I would not attend at all!

If you can think of some event you would like us to do on some evening, please send me an email at dandicarlo@comcast.net, or add it in the next question, and I will add it to the survey choices to gauge the class response.
5)   * Some suggested locations are listed here. Please check which one would be most appealing, or enter your own suggestion in the next question.

  Casual Dinner
  Fine dinner at a local restaurant
  Picnic in a park
  A BHS or YSU football game
  The Art Cafe

These are some of the suggestions so far. If none of these look good, please add your own in the next question...….
6)   * In tandem with the above question, if we were to plan an evening event, what would you like to do?

Please think of a location big enough to handle 20+ people, if we can get that many people to show up at an evening event.
7)   * If we set up something in the the afternoon or evening, please let us when you would be available so we can plan.

  12PM is good for me
  I can only meet around 5PM or 6PM or later because I still work
  I can meet anytime for an afternoon event since I am retired/not working, and I have nothing better to do,.

Some people have suggested a picnic in the park. If we schedule that, it would probably be around noon or 1PM instead of the evening. We need to know if you would be available at that time.
8)   * We are thinking about having a lunch on Saturday, September 4, from 1PM-5PM at the Stonebridge restaurant. Would you be interested in attending this luncheon?

Yes No
This was done at the 60th birthday party through word-of-mouth, and we had a great time! The Stonebridge has a reservable room in the back for large parties. We also walked to Handel's Ice Cream for dessert after lunch.
9)   * If possible, we are trying to secure a reduced hotel room rate at a local hotel. Would you be interested in staying at one hotel if we can get a good room rate?

Yes No
Some 60th birthday party attendees stayed at the Doubletree Hotel in downtown Youngstown. We are looking into trying to secure a reduced room rate if we can get a number of people to commit to staying there, or at some other comparable hotel.
10)   * Dan DiCarlo is planning on visiting the homes (or what he thinks are the homes) of local classmates in the attempt to get these folks to join our website. Would you be interested in accompanying Dan as he goes door-to-door to talk to our former classmates?

  Yes, I will drive around with Dan all week
  Yes, I will drive around with Dan for a day or two
  No, Dan is on his own, and I don't need the Handel's ice cream

The plan is to drive around the Youngstown local area to see if we can contact former classmates to let them know about the reunion and about the website. We will do this a few hours each day, from Sunday, August 29 through Friday, September 3, after breakfast. Dan needs 3 people each day, and he will pay for gas, possibly lunch, and definitely Handel's ice cream at the end of day in lieu of actual financial compensation.